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Call for Proposals: Collaboration Group  

Use this group to collaborate with your peers to build sessions for the upcoming OAH Conference on American History. Please identify which event you are proposing a collaboration for by including its hashtag #OAHYY (eg. #OAH23 for 2023).

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Gandhi-King Global Network  

After a Stanford University conference in October 2019 commemorating Gandhi's 150th birthday, we launched the Gandhi-King Global initiative to maintain and expand connections among those interested in building a network of those those inspired by the ideals of Gandhi, King, and other visionaries. We have weekly video-conferences hosted by the King Institute at Stanford.

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History of Medicine, Nursing and Health Systems  

The Sisters of Charity who opened hospitals during a cholera epidemic. Accelerated 3-year medical school and nursing programs during WWII. The origins of medical insurance and the evolution of community health agencies. What can we learn from the people who have challenged systemic health inequality over the decades? This community is to explore the corners of healthcare history and illuminate both its key successes and the origins of persistent healthcare dysfunction.

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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Higher Education  

This discussion is open to the public for viewing. Those who are not OAH members will need to create a guest account (see instructions on the home page) in order to participate in the conversation.

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